Cosine Redefines Sales Effectiveness

We put your dream into code.

Swoniga Technology provides all kind of software solutions to help our clients uplift their business.

We use world-class product engineering and lean methodologies to transform businesses, launch startups, leverage Web Development , and produce new paradigms  of our software development solutions based on client requirement and well-structured complete professional training in various Programming Languages, Graphics & Multimedia, Web Designing Training that is based upon the current recruitment needs in the IT market.

With the aim of providing best service reaching client’s requirements, providing software solution, along with ordered workflow, B to B, B to C policy and support, our highly skilled manpower follows software standards for development ensuring security.

We deliver the best product reaching the client requirements to ensure a greater level of customer satisfaction and comfort. We aspire not only to meet the requirements of the client but also to enhance the competence of the overall system into which the software is integrated and provide future support.

We provide an emphasis on skills to execute in the process and tools that enable you to succeed.

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Enlightening your visual and usability of website, we service you the creative and very catchy artistic web design along with delightful UI and UX design for all platforms.
Meeting the client requirements and satisfaction we develop creative and user-friendly websites while portraying its brand and values in the process.
We provide you the features to upload news and blogs, authors’ posts about politics, economics, culture, sports, the environment and enjoy having visitors from all over the world.
We are eager to help your business grow and strengthen your brand in running competitive market with the best ecommerce websites.
We provide a financially savvy, quick, and effortless solution for managing communication with small or large contact groups through massive extents of SMS at large database covering all networks at the same time.
As your business grows, so as your software need. Swoniga Technology observes the client’s requirements and recommends the best software approach.
We offer you interactive and unified mobile application development services with Search engine optimization on both iOS and Android platform to startups your business effectually.
Expanding your business in this digital age, digital marketing is the principal to outreach the potential clients and industry.
A good website has all the contents and UIs but a better website is Search Engine Optimized.

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