Swoniga Technology has been providing outstanding services and trainings with 100+ happy clients. Here are the FAQs we are often asked by people.

What are the services provided by Swoniga Technology?

We provide almost all the technical services that includes developing websites, web apps, software applications, mobile applications, ecommerce sites, bulk sms, digital marketing and many more.

How can I apply for Swoniga Technology?

Swoniga Technology announces vacancy time to time. One can apply when we announce a vacancy in the career section or simply send us your CV and we will contact you shortly afterwards.

Where is it located?

Our office is located at Itahari, Sunsari, Nepal. You can follow the google maps provided in this website.

What are the various training programs provided by Swoniga Technology?

We have been providing various IT trainings including graphics design, web design, java, python & django, php, laravel & vue, react and wordpress. We will be adding other popular training programs with high market demand.

How much does the training program costs?

The costs varies with the training programs. In order to know about the cost, please send us an enquiry. We will then contact you shortly.

How can we apply for the internship?

Swoniga Technology hires professionals for the job. However, we also select qualified trainees for the internship program.