Swoniga Technology is one of the best  software company in Province 1, Nepal. Established in 2020, our professional IT Training and Software Development  has been employing experts in this field to impart professional education to trainees.

Highly skilled manpowered, reach to client requirements with suggest, services, provide solution for software problem, ordered workflow, B to B, B to C policy.

Empowering the youth with technology our team provides you the technical platform for the students with specific areas of interest and proficiency and set up courses on student demand and necessity. Web Design, Graphics Design, WordPress, Android, Digital marketing, and IOS (Iphone Operating System) are the major course we are offering for now.

Students from any academic level (SLC, SEE, +2, Bachelor, and Masters of any faculty) can grab this opportunity. We don’t exist only technical skills but also we facilitate with interactive classes for project development and guidance along with required soft skill learning.

Why Swoniga Technology?

We understand that our people are the key to our success. Our work environment fosters collaboration, communication, and information sharing. We provide technical and communication skills training, mentoring, and coaching to empower our employees to reach their fullest potential and feel part of the team. We’re looking for talented and motivated candidates with skills and experience in software development, database analytic, software testing, IT management, and business multiprocessing is an equal opportunity employer.

We aim to reach out to the enthusiastic youth people providing the best platform of IT services for career development.

We deliver the best of the best product reaching the client requirements to ensure a greater level of customer satisfaction and comfort. We aspire not only to meet the requirements of the client but also to enhance the competence of the overall system into which the software is integrated. Our mission is to deploy the innovative center of technology where your skill and capability are analyzed and uplifted because we believe in quality over quantity. We have strong deemed on making the candidate able to handle the real working environment smartly.